About our Logo

UR CFO – Our logo speaks a thousand words about our business. UR CFO in simple terms means  “We are your CFO” .

CFO is an abbreviation for Chief Finance Officer. Thus implying that we meet all the expectations you would have from your own CFO without necessarily engaging a CFO on full time basis and incurring the cost thereon. The vibrant and rock solid Blue colour theme in our logo reflects our dynamism, agility and ability to structure ourselves as per the requirements of the client.
Our Logo is designed with the soul objective growing in business.


UR CFO is a leading company having experienced and highly qualified Chief Finance Officers to help you organize the financial operations of your company and there by accelerate your growth. This means you don’t need to have a full time in-house CFO when you can hire us and save your extra cost.

Our team comprises of Professionals like Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Investment Bankers, Legal Professionals, Management Graduates, HR Professionals and a team of highly experienced recruiters operating from 15 states at present. Depending on the requirements, our team will have an on-site or off-site presence in your organisation.

UR CFO serves companies across all Industry sectors, may it be small organisations or big multinational companies. We offer wide range of CFO services for start-ups as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our constant support and advisory will facilitate you to make better business decisions. UR CFO works towards identifying any lapse in the system and fixing everything by providing integrated and tailor-made solutions, so that you can focus on your core business functions while we take care of the rest.

Our services include Private Equity Funding, Accounting and Finance related services and also allied Human Resource related services. So from playing a key role in steering your business through mergers and acquisitions to restructuring your business, or from helping you through a crunch in your cash flows to providing you best finance solutions, we become your reliable partner.

Accounting For Your Business’s Success.

Benefits of Outsourced CFO Services

Saves Money
Instead of paying a six digit annual salary to a full time CFO and without sacrificing the quality of work, you can hire / outsource CFO services which comes with experienced and qualified professionals to handle your company’s financial needs.
Quality Services
Apart from saving time and cost, outsourced CFO comes with a pool of highly experienced and skilled professionals who have expertise in dealing with your financials.
Saves Time
A team of qualified financial advisors overseeing your finances and accounting activities is always a better idea then engaging one person to perform multiple roles. This way you can save your time and focus on your core business functions and critical business tasks.
Business Strategy
Outsourced CFO Service works towards formulating a proper business strategy for your business and will work towards achieving the overall financial objectives of your organisation in the most efficient manner. A CFO can bring a lot of value addition to your organisation.
Overall efficiency
Who likes to work with outdated processes and ineffective methods? An outsourced CFO Service brings cost efficiency by streamlining your processes. Such services ensures meeting of important deadlines, accuracy in presentation of financial statements, etc.

Why hire UR CFO?

The simplest reason why you should hire us is that we can transform your business and take it to the new horizon of growth.

  • We have required expertise and 20 plus years of Industry experience in Finance field. Apart from advisory services, we take full charge of organisation’s CFO or functions of Financial Controller.
  • We have a team of young dynamic leaders to lead your organisation towards success.
  • We report both to the Investors and the founder Director maintaining complete transparency and independence in our operations.
  • We are dynamic and we come with flexibility of scaling up or scaling down our participation depending on the needs of the business.
  • You can hire us either for end to end management of finance and HR function or for managing a particular project where you require outsourced support within the finance and HR function.
  • We design a flexible engagement model for our clients based on their specific requirements, size of the organisation and their growth stage.
  • We believe in result oriented approach. Therefore our focus is structured towards taking full ownership of Accounts and Finance functions.
  • We are well aware of the needs and expectations of a Founder CEO from a CFO. UR CFO will support the CEO and not only meet his expectations but exceed it in delivering the results..
  • Our moto is to deliver quality services which will help you to excel your profitability and boost your financial health and wealth.
  • We offer wider spread of services ranging from Private Equity (PE) Funding, Accounting and Finance related services, Human Resource related services and many more.
  • We respect our client relationships and maintain highest level of integrity and code of ethics.

Because you can’t have a well managed business without well managed money.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring value addition to your business by providing high impact CFO services. Our focus is on developing financial leadership among entrepreneurs. We leverage the gap between the planned and the actual financial growth.

Often it is seen that organisations struggle to bridge this gap as they lack the required resources and skill set. So we fill this gap by becoming your partner, mentor and  guide.

We set about our mission with a pool of highly qualified, talented and skilled professionals who understand the dynamics of operating a business. Our team is focused, vision minded and mission driven.

We at UR CFO, lay special emphasis on creative thinking so as to advance innovative contributions to our goals and objectives. Our motive is to develop and execute the strategic plan in order to promote the company’s objectives of driving profitability, rapid growth and wealth creation.


Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to shoulder much greater responsibilities which is beyond the traditional parameters. We look forward for a proactive role towards sustainable value creation. We are dedicated to achieve greater opportunities and harvesting long term success.

We see ourselves as the risk enablers, integrating the risk considerations which helps organisation make informed decisions. We believe in bench-marking to improve accountability and transparency in our operations by maintaining strong business fundamentals.

We like to take new challenges to fit ourselves in strategic leadership role. Our long term goals include delivering insightful services in order to meet stakeholder’s expectations. We believe in our team, who can bring revolutionary changes in an organisation.