Financial Services



Your business is your biggest wealth so it has to be taken care in the best possible way to survive and compete in the market. We at UR CFO offer long range strategic planning for your business by setting out annual plans. We provide your business with the long term planning in the form of goals and objectives, ways to achieve them and strategy that needs to be followed for continuous growth. We offer set of functional guidelines to your business which will help you in gaining stakeholders trust. We understand your business by conducting deep-dive analytical studies including scanning of the external environment in which your business operates and based on that we list out the key performance indicators which would lead to faster growth of your business, identification of possible risk factors and risk mitigation measures. With UR CFO by your side, your business can work more efficiently as we take the responsibility of the core issues of your business.  We provide day to day monitoring and regular sighting to your business so that it is always on the right path. We help to translate your vision and mission into reality by providing the sequence of steps to achieve them. We also allocate the resources in pursuance of meeting the objectives of your business.


Business strategy

We offer with different business strategies dependent on the business life-cycle stage in which the business operates. Be it any condition, we stand by you with our plans to overcome any crisis. We will accompany your business in all situations and sail you to glory.


Long Range Planning

At UR CFO, future of your business gets secured. Keeping the present scenario in mind, we make long term plans for your business. We make future path along with the attainment of interim goals of your business.


Annual Plans

We help your business stay focussed on its goals and objectives. Our annual plans keep all the energies and efficiency directed towards achieving the yearly goals of your business.


Sensitivity Analysis

We provide your business with sensitivity analysis. With our analysis, your business can grow at a rapid pace. It will help your business to know the impact of other factors on your output under different set of situations


KPI’s tracking

With our thorough study, your business can realize its key performance indicators. KPI tracking helps the business to prosper by focusing on factors which are crucial for the success of any business.



We offer your business with treasury services. UR CFO will help you in managing your banking relationships. We administer your debt and manage working capital. Business is all about growing and we understand your needs. We provide with services in the form of project financing. We ensure that your projects don’t get stuck due to lack of funds. With our fund management, we assure you of enhanced credit limits from banks. Our team also addresses areas which needs to be insured in your business to prevent ill-timed losses. We offer various risk management services in the form of consultancy and application to protect the business assets from the vulnerability of the environment. Along with risk management we also provide capital expenditure management services to acquire and upgrade the current assets of the company.


Working Capital Management

We offer working capital management to ensure that the routine operations are timely carried out. We manage inventory, bills receivable, bills payable and inventory.


Project Financing

We provide your business with project financing facility. Your projects would never get stuck due to lack of finance. With this service you can take your projects to the desired destination without facing any problems of financial crunch.


Setting Enhanced Bank Limits

With our team of experts and their cash management skills your business can avail the facility of enhanced bank limits. Bank provides credit only if the liquidity is maintained in any organisation. We manage your liquidity and credit rating so that you can avail the benefits of enhanced bank limits in the functioning of your business.



We provide insurance service to your business in the form of paying timely premiums on active policies. We also identify areas of your business where taking insurance policy is a compulsion and beneficial for the business.


Risk Management

Our team of experts monitors the impact of any risk on the financial health of the business. With our risk management skills we can improve the results, safeguard the assets of the company, enable growth and optimize the resources of the organization. We identify the vulnerability of your business and rectify them to prevent any negative effect on the economics of the business


Capex Monitoring

We offer your business with the service of capital expenditure monitoring. We help aligning the expenditure program of the business with business plans and economic objectives of the business. With our continual review of the capex program we ensure that the capital expenditures are done keeping in view the objectives of the business and unnecessary expenditures are avoided.


Direct Tax

We provide your business with Direct Taxation services. We can prepare and file income tax returns for your company. Your business may go through various tax litigations during its lifetime; during such times our services can prove to be very beneficial for your business. We handle scrutiny assessments, re assessments, investigations, income tax returns and offer many other services. With proper tax planning, we ensure the achievement of business goals in a tax efficient manner. TDS filling is another important taxation activity. We provide TDS filling service by complying with prevailing rates and due dates. UR CFO also offers services in the form of tax assessment where we do valuation of your assets for assessment purpose. With our seamless delivery of taxation services your business can operate with more transparency and more efficiently without any IT department interference.


Tax Planning

We offer your business with efficient tax planning keeping in mind the financial prospects and goals of the business.  Our aim is to achieve the objectives of the business in the most tax efficient manner.



We provide Tax Deduction at Source services by complying with the prevailing rates. We assure that TDS is timely deducted and submitted to the respective authority. We ensure that the rules and regulation laid down in the Income Tax Act, 1961 are strictly adhered.


Annual Returns

We file annual returns for your company to the Income Tax department. Annual returns provides a performance check of your organization as to how much profit you have generated in comparison to the investments made. It also helps your organization to know the current valuation of your assets and liabilities.


Tax Assessment

We have a strong team who handles various tax assessment tasks. We provide you with best solutions for the queries arising during assessments or reassessments. Our team of experts are well versed to handle any kind of query from the Income tax department.


Tax Litigations Management

It often happens that your business has to go through various litigations. With UR CFO by your side you can be rest assured that the litigation would be handled in the best possible manner which is beneficial for your company.


Indirect Tax

UR CFO provides your business with various indirect taxation services. We can handle all critical matters related to Central Excise like Cenvat credit. We also offer your business with services related to Customs like valuation. We also do periodical filing of returns of service tax and handle various issues related to service tax like classification, point of taxation, place of provision of service, etc. With UR CFO, you can be rest assured that VAT and CST obligations of your organisation would be timely complied. We follow the latest prevailing tax rates in case of all indirect taxation related issues. We also handle local body taxes that your organisation needs to comply with depending upon the geographical location. Our team has experienced and skilled professionals who have specialised knowledge to deal with the matters concerning Indirect Taxes.



Our team of experts have been tracking all the aspects of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) which is expected to be rolled out with effect from 1st April, 2017. Our team will hand hold you through this transition and help you to be GST compliant and optimally structured in an GST environment.



We offer advisory services to your business for all the matters concerning Value added Tax and Central Sales Tax. We assist you with preparation of VAT returns, CST refund claim processing, VAT reconciliation, availing Input VAT credit, handling assessments and timely compliance to the VAT and CST obligations.


Service Tax

If you are confused about when to charge service tax, we are there to help you out with the rates, chargeability, place of provision of service, point of taxation of services and filing ST-3 returns. We give advisory services for all the matters pertaining to service tax.


Excise Duty

We assist you in handling critical matters relating to excise duty and statutory compliances. We help you in drafting appropriate replies to notices received from Central Excise department. We help you maintain Cenvat credit register. We also handle issues relating to central excise audit.


Custom Duty

Our tax experts ensure that you have maximum tax savings. We handle all the issues relating to customs audit. We also assist you with calculating custom duty refunds and preparing customs return.


Other Local Body Taxes

Our team has in-depth knowledge of all the prevailing tax laws. We extend our support to our clients by helping them with registration procedures, filing of returns, handling matters relating to appeals, assessments and refund.


UR CFO provides various services in the field of auditing. We provide your business with internal audit function. It is necessary for a business to keep  track of various business processes it is involved in. We at UR CFO, look into those processes while conducting internal audit, assure proper controls are in place and there are no more flaws. It is important for any business to conduct an in depth analysis of third party before entering into any contract with them. Our team provides your business with due diligence function to look in those matters. With system audit of your business, we make sure you understand the inefficiencies of your business to rectify them quickly. Our team of professionals also conduct audit of inventory and fixed assets to check whether they are properly safeguarded or not. The idea behind audit is to find out the areas having fraud risk where detailed investigation is required. With our highly qualified and skilled team we develop strategies to tackle future frauds and by in depth audit of the organization we seek to find the areas where fraud was conducted or can be conducted.


Internal Audit

We undertake Internal Audit function for your organisation in order to improve the operations of your business. We give recommendations and insights based on in-depth analysis of business processes.


Due Diligence

Whether someone is undertaking a due diligence on you or whether you want to undertake due diligence on some other company, we perform both the jobs for you. Our team of professionals are skilled and qualified to perform due diligence function for your business before you enter into any contract or purchase any investment. We conduct risk-reward analysis and evaluate the return on investment. Such kind of investigation will help you make informed decisions.


System / Process Audit

We conduct Process Audit to help you understand the inefficiencies and areas of improvement in your existing processes. We ensure that your organisations system work as per the system requirements. This will not only help in improving your processes and systems but also help you gain an overall efficiency in your organisation.


Inventory / Fixed Assets Audit

We ensure that the Inventory and Fixed assets are adequately safeguarded, valued from time to time and accurately recoded in the books of accounts. We also ensure that the control over fixed assets and inventory meets the organisations policy.


Fraud Audit / Investigation

Fraud is one such risks which is present in almost every business irrespective of the size of business or complexities involved in the business. We at UR CFO develop Fraud Risk Management strategies in order to counter such critical fraud risks. We provide an in depth analysis and investigation of organisation processes, systems, controls, transaction to identify any fraud risk.


UR CFO realizes that you have a tough job of focusing on your core business areas than investing your time in making books of accounts. So, we provide your business with preparation of financial accounts in form of balance sheet, P&L and so on.


We improve the decision making ability of management by providing management accounting services. Our team of experts undertake analytical study in areas where decision are to be taken for future ventures. With our solution of account receivables we improve the collection rate of your business. Along with account receivables we also manage your accounts payable. We try to minimize the interest cost on accounts payable by timely payment.


General Accounts

Our strong understanding of accounting principles and fundamentals of accounts has enabled us to serve clients in varied sectors. We look after your routine accounting compliances, complex accounting reconciliations, balance sheet finalisation, month end closures, etc.


Management Accounts

We help you reap long term benefits and enhance the overall quality of top management’s decision making by providing management accounts services. Such services are in the form of preparing MIS reports, Sales forecasting reports, feasibility study, budget analysis, comparative analysis, mergers and consolidation reports, etc.


Accounts Receivable

For an organisation to meet its objectives, it needs to have its cash flows in place. We provide our clients with efficient AR Recovery Solutions. This helps them to get back their payments on time, enhance their collection rates, improves customer management, improves order management, improves billing cycles, etc.


Accounts Payable

We help you solve the challenges of managing your working capital and cash flows. With our services, you will be able to maintain strong vendor relationships. We help you with vendor invoice processing, creditor’s master management, AP reconciliations, etc.


Payroll Accounting

Payroll is one the most sensitive areas in an organisation as it involves confidentiality and timely compliance. Hence, it is best to outsource this service. We are a leading company providing HR solutions. We are highly experienced in HR Solutions for all kinds of companies performing different activities. Our company encompasses extremely analytical and cogent professionals that expedite HR Solutions.


Outsourced Manpower

We provide outsources manpower services. This will help you focus on your business objectives while we will look after the rest for you. Outsourcing manpower helps you reduce costs of training in-house employees and improve the employee productivity


Payroll Accounting

We provide payroll accounting solutions to your business. We assist you in payroll processing, maintaining employee master, handling employee Provident Fund, Profession tax, ESIC, etc.


Time Sheet Management

We at UR CFO, provide you with tailor made solutions to your organisation in the form of time sheet management. So we provide you with the ability to enter your timesheet online from anywhere and at any time.



We offer end to end Human Resource solutions to your business. We provide organized recruitment services. So we get you the best suited employees for your organisation and provide them with required training.