HR Services



Talent Acquisition is the process of searching and acquiring skilled human resources for specific purposes in an organization. It entails conducting interviews and selecting people for jobs.

However, we at urcfo believe, “talent” is a very wide word than recruitment. One can recruit services but one has to search for talent and we are here to help you get the right talent for your required roles. People are to be treated as human assets and these assets pay dividend in the long run as they are nurtured and upskilled.  We have created a niche in the end to end management of the talent acquisition process.  We realise a vast pool of assets is always beneficial to have a choice from hence we maintain our own database of candidates with diverse backgrounds and experience as the right fit for you might be in there. We focus on all the three levels of recruitment

  1. a) Senior Management – All C-level executives, Presidents and Vice- Presidents
  2. b) Middle Management – Senior Managers and Managers across verticals
  3. c) Junior Staff – All other resources

Our process will mainly involve the following steps :

  1. a) Taking a brief from the Human Resources of the client, that is you,
  2. b) Sharing the job description which we have prepared in consultation with you,
  3. c) Searching the varied databases – our own and subscribed as well – for candidates fitting the right criteria,
  4. d) Sharing the shortlisted candidates’ profiles with you ,
  5. e) Scheduling interviews with them,
  6. f) Working on the HR round of the interview for all candidates,
  7. g) Negotiating with the candidates on various aspects of employment per your guidelines and rules,
  8. h) Issuing offer letter /Appointment Letters
  9. i) Owning the process of on-boarding the new employee onto your company and working on the Orienting the employee ready to join

We have built a strong presence in the Information technology sector and are moving swiftly towards finance and other verticals.



Contract staffing are employees who have been taken on board for certain specific purposes  at a specific payment. He/she is not considered as a temporary fill in for an existing position or for finishing a specific task. Also, projects demand additional staff for handling certain processes and functions.

We at urfo understand that temporary staff is an equal contributor as a permanent employee and needs to be the right fit and not the cheapest resource. We look at potential candidates and databases to search for a position like a permanent contributor mindset. We look at helping you out at IT and Non IT contract staffing as well. IT as a field requires more contract staff and we specialise in creating a good network of dependable resources to fulfil the objectives of your projects.

Non-IT contract staffing is also becoming more popular now as the current trends are changing in recruitment owing to difficulty of finding right candidates, retaining them and the cost of maintaining expensive resources permanently. Big names in KPO/BPO industry are seen to be following this trend to be able to provide services to their clients.

Urcfo will take staff on its payroll and the resources will work on the client’s site. We manage the on-boarding, orientation and contract building with you for all employees so that you can focus on what’s most important for your business.


Payroll is ensuring the smooth processing of the monthly accrual services –  salaries and wages of all the employees – permanent and contractual. It also includes the HR related perks , statutory benefits such as gratuity and calculation of taxes apart from bonuses.

This is a process involving wide variety of tasks and inter-linkages with the Income Tax Department, collection of proofs from employees, getting things vetted and audited – all these involve repetitive tasks, large number of manpower and specialized expertise.  Such large scale processing requires a good database, well-calculative techniques, built-in controls to ensure error free processing. These are activities for which companies will need to build extra infrastructure and is an added expense which has no return. Hence, it’s the new smart way to get this important process taken care of at the hands of the experts with much lesser cost.

Compliance issues are important and timeliness and accuracy is the key which we specialise in. We deliver on these services in the following manner –

  1. a) We have licensed software proven to be effective and with accurate income tax calculations
  2. b) We generate Monthly Payroll Journal Vouchers
  3. c) We also do three -way Payroll Reconciliation
  4. d) We ensure compliance to various statutes of employment


Employee evaluation or assessment is the process of reviewing his/her performance at a regular interval. Employees’ performances are evaluated on a regular basis depending upon the nature of work. Projects can have weekly to monthly evaluations while other regular based jobs are reviewed at a yearly interval. Employees are assessed against a set criteria of performance indicators called as KPI or Key Performance Indicators. These are decided for each designation, nature of work and broad categories of employees.

Urcfo looks at the organizational department flows and operational processes to structure the KPIs to be pertinent and measure as accurately as possible to reflect the nuances of the job description and expectations from the employee performing that role. Apart from the standard goal building, we also look at the individual goal setting the employee does and help me aligning them to the organizational objectives.

It is also essential for employee evaluation to monitor the scope of jobs and either change job descriptions or goal settings accordingly. Sometimes out of these employee evaluation discussions, one understands the underlying causes of issues in projects or department performances. Such discussions can result in more creation or removal of redundant roles.


HR policies of a company are the formal rules and regulations , rights and duties for the employees. It commonly encompasses issues relating from hiring, to on-the-job behaviour, job setting, addressing matters of the office arena, employment law and code of conduct of behaviour. These are the compliance mandated rules for all employees which are to be followed either stipulated by the government or set by the internal standards of functioning of the company. Not adhering to the government laws may invite penalties and warnings.

We at urcfo specialise in this area which is generally a complex process of drafting and following up.

We specialize in the following services which are a need for any organization –

Rules and Regulations –

  1. Discipline
  2. Timings
  3. Leave Policies
  4. Action on Employees
  5. Breach of Contract policies
  6. Confidentiality clauses
  7. Non Solicitation / poaching
  8. Medical Policies

HR policies are generally a complex process of drafting and following up. We help companies draft HR policies taking into account all mandated laws for your sector and breadth of operations and ensure that you have the requisite policies in place to start the place running from Day 1. There are various new laws coming in India with changes in the commercial landscape – recently most notable ones being necessity of having a female Director on the Board of Members , the new Maternity Bill passed recently. These are complex laws – one that need understanding of the practical aspects and implementation. We help you work your way through the maze of these laws and implement the best policies for your organization.